EDITORIAL: David Chiang, Jae Yoo, Jemy Dayrit, Noma Han, Seijo Imazaki, Tet Wada & Time Charoenthaitawee in The Fashionisto, May 2011

Models (top to bottom): Jae Yoo (Soul), David Chiang (Major), Noma Han (Red), Seijo Imazaki (Soul), Time Charoenthaitawee (Q), Ted Wada (??) & Jemy Dayrit (Q)
Editorial: One Step Closer
Magazine: The Fashionisto, May 2011
Photographer: Chiun-Kai Shih
Fashion Editor: Stefan Wiklund
Grooming: Leah De Ment and Tanya Camburn

Source: The Fashionisto


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